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Wiser Financial Coaching is a radically different financial services firm committed to providing our customers with a positive experience in a client-centered, coaching environment with no runaround and no B.S.


We realize that the traditional financial advisor and brokerage model is broken. Many of our clients experienced less financial confidence after working with a past financial services professional than they had before they started. We offer our clients a different experience.

  1. We put your interests first – this is always at the core of what we do.
  2. We are serious about ethics – we have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients and it guides everything we do.
  3. No sales quotas – we are not salespeople, we are educators and advisors.
  4. We take a holistic view of your finances, circumstances, needs, goals, values, and family before making recommendations.
  5. We take a coaching role, clearly explaining your options and the expectations you should have when choosing them.
  6. Our fee structure is transparent, designed to provide on-going value, and declines automatically as asset values increase. 
  7. We want you to call us, even if you’re not sure we can help.  If you do your matter will typically be addressed that day.
  8. Our recommendations are based on academic research and tested financial and investing principals.
  9. We will never alter a portfolio without written client approval. 
  10. We believe our clients have rights and should set high expectations of us.


Your experience with a financial professional should be rewarding and valuable for you and your family. The following is based on the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards brochure “Your Rights as a Financial Planning Client.”

You have the right to expect:


We understand that our clients rely not just on our honesty and experience, but on our capacity to care about them.  This is why we take our professional obligations seriously, and place principles over profits. You should always expect us to put your interests first.

You have the right to expect:


Our client’s needs are at the heart of all our recommendations. We will always carefully consider your situation before bringing up options you may wish to consider. Sometimes this objectivity requires explaining things you don’t want to hear, like investing gobbledy gook or that a desired outcome is unrealistic given current circumstances. But all financial decisions come with potential positives and negatives – and objectivity requires thoroughly vetting the negatives.

You have the right to expect: 


You have the right to expect competency and for every staff member to demonstrate an appropriate level of knowledge. You have the right to expect that we have been trained and have a commitment to ongoing education.

You have the right to expect to be: 


You should expect us to treat you the same way we want to be treated in a professional relationship. This involves clearly stating what services will be provided and at what price. You should also expect us to explain the risks associated with our financial recommendations and to clearly identify any potential conflicts of interest.

You have the right to expect: 


If we are serving you, we will have access to sensitive personal information.  Your right to privacy and personal security is critical. No confidential information will ever be shared with any party without your written request and consent. 

You have the right to expect: 


You should expect us to be properly licensed and credentialed before giving you any advice. You should expect that any professional we work with or refer to is also licensed, in good standing and credentialed in his or her area of expertise – and that we are in no way incentivized to refer to any professional.

You have the right to expect: 


You should expect us to be focused on and responsive to your needs, You should expect us to reasonably investigate any manager, vendor or the products/services we recommend. You should also expect us to closely supervise our staff.

* To view a copy of the “Your Rights as a Financial Planning Client” brochure visit: